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8 Alternative Design Brands You Need To Know

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8 Alternative Design Brands You Need To Know

Alternative fashion brands are booming as progressive lifestyles influence design needs.

Whether you are attracted to the emo, Goth or Hip hop lifestyle, whether you’re queer, awkward, cutting edge or the oddball out, we found 8 hot new alternative fashion brands you will love.

For The Provocateurs

NEWAMS (Netherlands)

For The Oddball Chic

Ienki Ienki (Ukraine)

For The Cutting Edge

Rooms by Lost & Found Ria Dunn (Italy)

For The Thoughtful Curator

Reinhard Plank (Italy)

For The Sneakerhead

Artselab (Brazil)

Black & White Men’s Hi-Top Artselab Sneaker

For The Urbanite

Andrea Marcaccini (Italy)

For The Awkward Newcomer

Bed J.W. Ford (Japan)

Bed J.W. Ford gains popularity among in-the-know menswear pundits for their impressive attention to detail. Fall/Winter 2017-18 was the duo’s first time at Amazon Fashion Week.

For The Sexy Queer

Homme Van Lab (France)

Homme Van Lab


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