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‘Savage Beauty’ Jeweler Shaun Leane Unveils His Latest Collection.

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‘Savage Beauty’ Jeweler Shaun Leane Unveils His Latest Collection.

Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” body armour by designer Shaun Leane

The “Savage Beauty” exhibition for late designer Alexander McQueen received almost half a million visitors.  It was a poignant moment in time for jewelry designer Shaun Lean whose pieces were in the “cabinet of curiosities” of the exhibition.  Post Savage Beauty, designer Shaun Leane unveils his latest jewelry collection, “the Quill”.

The Quill collection embodies the essence of creativity seen in the work Shaun Leane produced for the late Alexander McQueen. During the seventeen years of their partnership, Leane created some of the most captivating silhouettes in the history of catwalk jewelry.

His themes often centered on the natural relationship between jewelry and the wearer; how a piece frames or moves around the body was an important part of the creative process, and became the starting point of this collection. Combining geometric shapes and a play on structure, the Quill collection comprises a capsule of modern minimal designs in a variety of pendants, rings, bracelets and cuffs.

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