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Korea Now! Fashion & Design Exhibition On Show In Paris.

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Korea Now! Fashion & Design Exhibition On Show In Paris.

The new Korea Now! exhibition on display in Paris highlights the extraordinary panorama of Korean fashion and design. A selection of new and established design works are curated based upon the country’s contemporary urban culture and mythologies.

The exhibit showcases designers close ties with their native ancestral heritage and highlights Korean designs that can assimilate all forms of modernity.

The space designed by architect LIM Tae-hee sets creations in an abstract polygonal structure subverting the western principle of perspective. The artistic director SUH Young-hee, an influential personality in the Korean fashion and visual arts world, organizes works in a non-chronological arrangement based upon Korea’s five cardinal color spectrum.

The balanced beauty of Korean crafts found in shapes and patterns of traditional craft works such as porcelains and lacquered mother-of-pearl

In traditional Korean aesthetics red, yellow, black, blue and white colors are commonly used for complex symbolism. For the exhibit designers use these colors as a dominant expressive note for statement design works. The Korea Now! organizers hope this multi-layered symbolism will stimulate participants sensibility.

For the opening event the Musée des Arts décoratifs invites contemporary Parisian designers to showcase Korean inspired fashion in traditional silhouettes designed in Korean silk. The initiative imposes the idea that fashion design is now a major aspect of Franco-Korean cultural exchanges.

Korea Now! Design, Craft, Fashion And Graphic
Now on display until 14 February 2016
Les Arts Décoratifs
107 Rue de Rivoli
75001, Paris

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