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Givenchy Paris Unveils 1st NYC Boutique.

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Givenchy Paris Unveils 1st NYC Boutique.

givenchy-1Givenchy’s New York space opens up in sleek style with double-height ceilings and expansive glass windows to complement the boutique’s gallery-like layout.

Monolithic, dark zebrano wood plinths serve as displays for its women’s accessories, while clothing is reverently presented in dark wood boxes laid into the space’s surrounding white walls. From the heavily lacquered floors to the black and white campaign images of Donatell Versace that hang overhead, each understated touch and restrained flourish, all conceived by Tisci, feeds back into the unique fusion of punk and sophistication that has come to define Givenchy.

A discreet flight of concrete stairs, next to a solid, wood-cased elevator, leads up to a mezzanine space showcasing the men’s collections. Lined in translucent mint subway tiles, the intimate salon nods to New York’s own underground. A large woven carpet, mirrored plinths and custom-made furniture serve as disruptive elements to the highly geometric space.

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