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Designer Léa Peckre Presents Collections On Her Own Terms.

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Designer Léa Peckre Presents Collections On Her Own Terms.

Written by Lucas Pantoja

Since January of 2018, designer Léa Peckre has uploaded to Instagram at the beginning of every month, new pieces and garments, all inspired by particular individuals for her collection titled “All Women Are Witches”.

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GIF by Léa Peckre.

The latest products are presented through a visual compilation of photos and videos, shedding light on the Léa Peckre coven as well as the latest drop. September’s release featured Mexican sisters and artists Fernanda and Angela Ballesteros. And Belgian sculptor Kristina de Coninck was recently unveiled as the face for October.

The Fashion Plate
Léa Peckre Fall 2016

What’s so eye-catching, aside from the concept of the collection itself, is how Léa Peckre hacked the fashion calendar and presented her collection in the most 2018 way possible.

How do you feel about designers changing the format for their releases? Is this beneficial to the fashion world at large?

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