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Designers Who Support Women’s Reproductive Rights.

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Designers Who Support Women’s Reproductive Rights.

Who could forget the viral sensation caused by Dior’s “We Should All Be Feminists” tee-shirt? The simple cotton tee dropped during a time when women’s rights, especially women’s reproductive rights, was a newly trending movement. Since then nothing has inspired the same kind of passion – until the sold-out, Pyer Moss t-shirt dropped five days ago.

Pyer Moss graphic tee to support women's reproductive rights. (photo: Pyer Moss)
Pyer Moss graphic tee to support women’s reproductive rights. (photo: Pyer Moss)

On July 25th Designer Pyer Moss released a graphic t-shirt collection in response to Alabama’s recently passed bill that will effectively ban all abortions in the state. The designer collaborated with the Yellowhammer Fund which supports women’s health and wellness services in Alabama, including safe abortions for women. Pyer Moss donated 100% of the profits from the sold-out collection to the Yellowhammer Fund.  

(photo: courtesy The Yellowhammer Fund)

The brand explained the inspiration behind the campaign: “Much of the advice given to women and girls doesn’t come from a place of care but one of control.”

The tee’s not-so-subtle comeback helps raise awareness and empowers women to take control of their future. As an ally, Pyer Moss aims to “support women’s reproductive rights to control their career, body and destiny.”

The t-shirts were sold out soon after going on sale. You can follow Pyer Moss on social media for new drops.

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