What’s It Like Inside Amazon? We Find Out At Milan Design Week.

Like you we’ve only ever been inside the Amazon’s online marketplace but we’ve heard Amazon will offer an IRL tour of their Amazon headquarters in Italy during Milan Design Week.

For the first time, Amazon.it opens the doors of their newly designed headquarters in Milan to demystify what it is like inside. They will offer guided tours of the new building to visitors who will get a look at the headquarter’s recent restoration by Milan-based architecture firm and interior consulting company Maire Tecnimont.

We don’t have a sneak peek into the spaces but we are familiar with Maire Tecnimont’s work. Marie Tecnimont is most known for their colorful, smart spaces and minimalist design style.


Spaces created by Maire Tecnimont


Spaces created by Maire Tecnimont


Spaces created by Maire Tecnimont


Spaces created by Maire Tecnimont


Spaces created by Maire Tecnimont

Check back on this post for an update on April 17th!

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