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Surrealistic Bougeotte’s Fresh Furor In Masculine Interiors.

Boughette (photo: courtesy)
Design Trends, Milan

Surrealistic Bougeotte’s Fresh Furor In Masculine Interiors.

By: Roman Kozak

One evening in Milan I accompanied our editor-in-chief Nichelle Cole to the Bougeotte by Hodara event. I’d already heard about their innovative design pieces, but when I saw them with my own eyes and touched the materials I felt chills…

Bougeotte’s creative director Fayina Fridman presented to Salone del Mobile Milano a set of absolutely innovative pieces, representing a real avant-garde approach to the world of interior design.

Her wood and fur pieces were a living oxymoron, stylish art installations that blend – soft and hard, roundness and strength, fluidity and solidity.


The Russian-born designer took us into her fascinating world; she made us jump into a new reality where everything was like a dream, there was no logic, just a big puzzle, ready to solve.

Passing the new accessories I was drawn to the impressive Folio coffee tables marked by her bee symbol.

The first table attracted most guests for a closer look, it featured racing Ferrari pistons flawlessly preserved in plexiglass. The other table featured an engine, it too was preserved but in a semi-transparent cover which appeared more contemporary, less thematic. Both oak-wenge tables left a strong, masculine interiors impression.

Folio coffee table by Bougeotte

The series shared a color graduation from dark brown to the deepest black. Fur, used for the chair and in combination with the dark heavy wood, shimmered with sensual color, enriching the design, giving it a unique refinement.


Bougeotte’s new pieces are undoubtedly a new discovery in the world of interior design, a world that tends to repeat itself. Bougeotte stepped outside the classicism comfort zone, where many are afraid to dare.

Fridman took her cosmopolitan background, without making any clear reference to her source of inspiration, as if her past and the vision of her future were a single thing, and produced unique pieces telling a new story to the entire world.

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