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Conceptual Design Stores: The Future Of Shopping.

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Conceptual Design Stores: The Future Of Shopping.

Photo courtesy Gentle Monster

Korean eye wear specialists, Gentle Monster, recently opened a permanent store fixture at London’s Selfridges. The conceptual space revolves around the theme of Prayer. Telling a story of the Volcanic Gas below Lake Caldera. After a long period of silence, residents in the neighborhood are feeling anxious.

photo courtesy Gentle Monster

Priests born with strange features are worshiped as sacred beings, offering prayers to prevent volcanic eruptions. Citizens follow the priests through fear and hope. The priest’s intense aspirations come together as a visualized power through the Prayer tower and the visual energy of prayer rises above Lake Caldera in preparation of stopping the Volcano.

Gentle Monster’s new permanent concept fixture at Selfridge’s London.

Instagrammable concept stores are increasingly the norm as these bricks and morter stores are able to entice visitors off their apps and through their doors. They deliver more than just the goods, they are experiential, beautifully designed and often evoke a lifestyle that appeals to a specific target audience.

Gentle Monster’s new permanent fixture at Selfridge’s London.

Selfridge’s highly experimental foray into a permanent concept design signals a greater shift in their business model. The key is curating design brands like Gentle Monster, a brand that started under the philosophy of high-end experimentation, that consumers can relate to.

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