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Gucci Beauty: “Infinite Eye’s” collection.

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Gucci Beauty: “Infinite Eye’s” collection.

Gucci Cosmetics debuted its first color collection under creative director Alessandro Michele last year. And now, each season, Gucci adds singular products that work to innovate and enhance the Gucci Beauty collection as a whole.

The original line was crafted at the same time as the Spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection and it featured colors that shared the same inspiration: eccentric, bold, and sophisticated. Since then Gucci continues to update the palette in a similar manner to complement the beauty and fashion collections as a cohesive unit.

For Fall 2015 Gucci adds ‘Infinite Eyes’ to its beauty line.  Gucci’s ‘Infinite Eyes’ features a dynamic duo; the Infinite Length Mascara and the Infinite Precision Liner.

Backstage at the Gucci Fall 2015 show. Gucci Beauty 'Infinite Eye' Mascara
Backstage at the Gucci Fall 2015 show. Gucci Beauty ‘Infinite Eye’ Mascara

The Infinite Length Mascara “stretches” out lashes with its cutting-edge elastic formula. Its slim, twisted-wire brush is designed to deliver a professional precision so that eyes appear enhanced and elongated.

And to add on the drama, for the eyes, the mascara is preceded with the Infinite Precision Liner.  The precision liner creates clean sweeps in a creamy texture that doesn’t smudge.

Backstage at the Gucci Fall 2015 show. Model in the new Gucci Beauty line
Backstage at the Gucci Fall 2015 show. Model in the new Gucci Beauty line

For the Fall 2015 catwalk the model beauty featured linear, sleek winged eyes, with smoky to graphic shapes on the lid. Legendary make-up artist Pat McGrath talks about how to create the look using the Gucci Magnet Color Duo.

“This look is all about the sultry, unexpectedly smoky eye created from intense green and blue shadows,” says Gucci Cosmetics Artistic Director Pat McGrath. “Using Gucci Magnetic Color Duo in Agate, sweep shadow from the outer corners inward, circling in the center of the lids to accentuate them. The Gucci Magnetic Color mono in Equinox is softly blended under the bottom lashes to complete the look.”

Gucci Beauty Collection Fall 2015

The entire Gucci Beauty line is available together with the new Infinite Length Mascara which comes in three shades (Iconic Black, Cocoa and Midnight Blue), and the Infinite Precision Liner is in four shades (Iconic Black, Cocoa, Midnight Blue and Iconic Ottanio). Products are available exclusively online and at Gucci Flagship stores

Photo credits: Gucci

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