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Activist & Designer Vivienne Westwood Finally Gets Her Own Biopic.

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Activist & Designer Vivienne Westwood Finally Gets Her Own Biopic.

I fell in love with Vivienne Westwood’s fashion story first, her breakthrough collection was inspired by the clothes of street walkers and the punk movement. When she presented the collection she completely shook up the style aesthetic on the runway in London, and I loved her courageousness. Then I fell in love with Vivienne Westwood. They are essentially the same – the collections and Westwood, both are brazen, unapologetic, unique and completely outrageous. So it is about time someone said, “we need a film about this lady”.

Vivienne Westwood ‘Seditionaries’ Collection (1977)
Vivienne Westwood Spring 1994

In a sea of fashion designer documentaries filled with pretty little clothes in sterile white rooms it will be fun to watch a Vivienne Westwood tale filled with passion, activism and frank openness about life and all its joys and horrors, what has brought her happiness and what tore he down and how she put it all in her designs. This is the fashion film I’ve been waiting for.

The documentary, Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist is set for nationwide release on Friday, March 23 in Great Britain, find out more about the locations via

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