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L Couture Paris: A New Made-To-Measure Fashion Line.

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L Couture Paris: A New Made-To-Measure Fashion Line.

French designer Isabelle Moser, a former assistant of John Galliano, launched L Couture, a new bespoke fashion atelier.

A look by L Couture Patrice Stable

Moser presented her first six designs during Paris Couture Week at the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée to a small selection of well-heeled women and to co-founders Rudine Mottaghian and Solen Floch.

Items in the collection included a black bustier gown with a removable corset belt embroidered with kid leather and vintage glass beads that required 550 hours of work. And a sinuous white evening gown dotted with glass pearls, a jeweled brooch, satin sash, and a silver lamé pleated insert. Each dress is customizable for fit, offered in different fabrics and with different embellishments.

Photo courtesy of L Maison de Couture

“I’ve always done made-to-measure,” said Moser who has assisted the haute couture collections for Christian Dior. “There is really no limit, either for us or for the client.”

“We’re there to help a woman cover all the possibilities,” adds cofounder Rudine Mottaghian. “But most of all, we want her to experience a proximity that doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

“We believe that each woman should become a part of the story.” Says Solen Floch, a cofounder of L Maison de Couture. “We don’t tell her how she should look, we want to keep it personal and give her artistic rein to express herself.” She adds, “Our ambition is to put the client back at the center of the house,” said Floch, comparing the venture to how couture was produced in the Forties and Fifties.

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