Design Opening: Galerie Dominique Fiat + Tools Gallerie x A+A Cooren.

I have always loved wallpapers, even when they weren’t so “de rigueur.” Wallpapers have been around for centuries, China is credited for the trend, gluing rice paper to their walls (B.C.).  Then sometime in the 1600’s in France the technique of block printing in a continuous pattern was born. Now, with advancements in printing and the artistry of talented designers around the world the demand for wallpaper has reached a new design crescendo.

Centrally located in the heart of Paris, the showroom of new French wallpaper brand called Bien Fait, designed by A+A Cooren, opens today on the street of a narrow cobbled courtyard in the Village Saint Paul.

Design firm A+A Cooren is a Paris-based French-Japanese design studio founded in 1999 and run by husband and wife team, Aki & Arnaud Cooren. With a simple Japanese-Nordic design aesthetic, A+A Cooren seeks to integrate a subtle reference to nature into everyday interiors and objects.

“Our greatest pleasure is to awaken your desire.”


A+A Cooren is a Paris-based French-Japanese design studio founded in 1999 and run by husband and wife team, Aki & Arnaud Cooren.

In order to experience the design of each wallpaper, the collection is presented on a clever drop down apparatus to convey the full surface sensation by using professional equipment usually used in a photo studio.

The work space layout concept of Aki and Arnaud Cooren is focused on the articulation of the varied use of a confined space. Indeed, this wallpaper showroom is a meeting place but also a creative workshop.

A+A Cooren interior wallpaper

The idea of A+A Cooren was to present the Bien Fait’s wallpaper collection in situ, and take advantage of every wall to make a strong statement. The motifs of wallpaper are then very explicit in full scale and one can take in their total impact.

A+A Cooren interior wallpaper titled “Birds”

On arrival in front of the entirely papered shop window, the tone is set – full immersion and panoramic vision. Inside, surfaces are soft and clean. Ash wood and concrete have been chosen for the bespoke furnishings, and their quiet neutrality enhance the colorful walls.

Bien Fait A+A Cooren storefront (Paris)

See more at the new online website or visit the new showroom

Bien Fait showroom, Paris
Program: showroom
Architects: A+A Cooren
Completion: 2015

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    love this midcentury modern look

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