Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades collection (photo: courtesy)

10 Louis Vuitton Furniture Designs For The BYO Traveler.


Lounge Chair by Marcel Wanders.

If you are a person who frequently goes on vacation by car, then it makes sense for you to invest in your own set of travel essentials. There is nothing worse than arriving to the beach or spending hours at a festival and not finding a place to sit or lounge.  Or worse, finding a place to relax but the seating is ‘ew’.

This week at Milan Design Week, also known as Salone del Mobile, Louis Vuitton showcased a series of limited-edition travel furniture designs called ‘Objets Nomades’. The collection, designed by contemporary artisans, is a mix of different adaptable design staples including beach chairs, lounge chairs, hammocks, stools and tables.

We especially love the floral form on the Concertina Chair by Raw Edges and the unique foldable beach chair by Maarten Baas, the Baas chair especially is a cool tribute to the LV travel history.

These are our top 10 Louis Vuitton furniture designs for the BYO (bring your own) traveler.

The Foldable Chair


Beach Chair by Maarten Baas.


Concertina Chair by Raw Edges (Colors: Blue, Caramel, Green, Red).

Objets_Nomades_15_landscape15-1600w - Copy

Palaver Chair by Patricia Urquiola (Colors: Beige, Bleu).

Objets_Nomades_16_portrait16-1024w - Copy

Swing Chair by Patricia Urquiola (Colors: Caramel, Blanc).

The Mobile Lounge

Objets_Nomades_17_landscape17-1600w - Copy

Lounge Chair by Marcel Wanders (Colors: Beige, Caramel, Noir, Rouge).


Ernest Bed by Gwenaël Nicolas.

Objets_Nomades_4_square4-1024w - Copy

Hammock by Atelier Oï (Colors: Caramel, Bleu Canard).

Compact Tables & Stools


Concertina Table by Raw Edges (Colors: Bleu, Caramel, Rouge, Verte).


Stool by Atelier Oï (Colors: Bleu, Chocolat, Jaune, Noir, Orange, Rose, Caramel, Violet).

Traveling Lamps


Surface Lamp by Nendo (Colors: Caramel, VVN).


Surface Lamp by Nendo (Colors: Caramel, VVN).


Bell Lamp by Barber & Osgerby (Colors: Bleu canard, Emeraude, Caramel).

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