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The Miami Symphony Orchestra And Artist Sandra Muss To Honor Architect, Designer Zaha Hadid.

First Look: Fausto Puglisi’s Gilded Designs For La Turandot Opera.

This Performance Arts Video Has Been Viewed 8,965,326 Times

“As performance artists and dancers we see everything as art” -Lil Buck

Selfridges hosts Shakesperean performance art at the iconic department store

Paris Louvre Museum’s Bold New Performance Art Project

First Look At Marcel Dzama’s Costume Designs For The New York City Ballet.

A Utopian Stage: Festival Of Arts Shiraz-Persepolis.

The Festival of Arts was held around Shiraz, Iran every summer from 1967–1977.  Artform once said that the ancient Persian ruins of Persepolis were a spectacular backdrop for ‘one of the most adventurous and idiosyncratic festivals in the world’. A melting pot of traditional and avant-garde music, theatre and performance,

Joshua Beamish Debuts “Surface Properties” At The American Ballet Theatre.