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Global Art Events Perfect For Valentine’s Day.

Art Openings (London): T-Shirt: Cult – Culture – Subversion.

A Look Back: Artworks Curated By Lou Stoppard.

A Look Back: Artworks Curated By Leanne Wierzba

A Look Back: Artworks By Experimental Footwear Designer Benjamin John Hall.

Super Sharp Exhibition Explores Italian Fashion In The Underground Music Scene.

A Look Back At Performance Artist Rachel Snider.

“Take Me (I’m Yours)” Exhibition Draws Yoko Ono And Carsten Höller.

The Fashion Plate Introduces A Unique Voice Inside The Art World: Okuda San Miguel (Spain)

Topics Trending The TFP Office: Iran Opens Its First Museum Dedicated To A Solo Female Artist.

Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian’s first exhibition series is titled “Infinite Possibilities”.

The Armory Show’s NYC Exhibition By Evan Roth Is Fun, It’s Technical And It’s Pretty.

The Good Soul Of The Snowman By Daniel Knorr.

“I decorated the good soul with stones that represent the people that come to Miami from all over.”

Truisms Then & Now By Jenny Holzer.

10 one-liners as true today as they were yesterday

NYC This Weekend: “Ruptura” Installation of São Paulo Concrete Art.

Art shifts to a brutalist aesthetic

Sneak Peek: Inside Paul Insect’s “Reflective Minds” Exhibit. Opens NYC September 9th

Examines self-reflection in neon color