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Contemporary shopping and style guide featuring products sourced from sustainable retailers we trust.

The Winter Essentials: Sterling Silver, Hand-Formed Earrings By CLED.

The Winter Essentials: Portuguese Jersey Cotton T-Shirts By Our Legacy.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018.

Put the love back into giving with The Fashion Plate Editor’s Gift Guide.

The Winter Essentials: Herb Powered Lube By The Honey Pot.

The Winter Essentials: The Braided Velvet Headband by Gucci.

GMXZ Raincoat (photo: courtesy)

The Future Is Flashy Tech: Introducing The GMXZ Self-Sustaining Raincoat.

The Best New Watch Maker In Paris.

The Happy Socks Trend Returns. Here’s How To Wear Them.

TFP Quotes

We wish you joy and love this holiday season. Give back where you can.

Last Minute Holiday Gifts Idea: Designer Stationary.

Expect lovingly crafted thank you cards written on beautiful notelets.

Design Gifts For The Guy Who Has Everything!

Let us be your Yoda of design gift giving!

The Haute Pursuit Wants To Change The Way You Shop To Sustainable.

Imagine clean-fashion practices, sustainable design and awaken commence.

Gift ideas for the girl that has everything!

New Concept Retail Store Openings In Europe, Canada, And The US.