What is The Fashion Plate?

The term “The Fashion Plate” is centuries old.  At one time The Fashion Plate defined “the new look” on trend.  The Fashion Plate, or a fashion illustration, was created each season by a designer to attract wealthy clients in polite society in the 17th and 18th century.

Fast forward to the late 19th century to a clever pilgrim girl in the new lands of America who received from overseas fashion illustrations from sisters and friends and in a moment of genius combined them into a pamphlet she called Vogue.


This pamphlet included The Fashion Plate from London, Paris and Italy, combined and bound as tear-sheets, with the purpose of the preferred look to be given to a seamstress.

If you look at The Fashion Plate over time you can see how women have evolved, with the most lasting and most prolific looks typically marking a pivotal point in women’s history. Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ is the most famous fashion plate. Coco Chanel’s dropped waist jersey dress also makes the top of the list.

“The Fashion Plate Magazine highlights women who are ‘Fashion Plates’ in life.  Women who illustrate, through action, the new look of being a woman today.”

These “new looks” made a lasting impression not simply because of their aesthetic appeal but because their design served to best reflect the change in women at that time.  Dior’s new look eliminated the voluminous petticoat, while Chanel’s drop-jersey dress rid women of corseted whale-bone structures all together, both introduced silhouettes with movement and elegance.

The women who wore those clothes were closer to independence, closer to revolution, and were fighting for freedom from stricture.

The Purpose of The Fashion Plate Magazine

The Fashion Plate Magazine seeks to explore the role of woman today by highlighting women who are The Fashion Plate in life.  Those who illustrate, through action, the new look of womanhood, who define for themselves who they are and what they can be.

Emma Watson speaking at The United Nations for Gender Equality



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