A Message From The Editor:

My name is Nichelle Cole, I am the founder of The Fashion Plate. In 2012 I quit my job in California and moved to Europe. I didn’t do it for love or for some fantasy guy I did it to chase the life I felt I deserved. The life I was too afraid to try for when I was younger.

I wanted something more extraordinary that would allow me to live a life I could be happy in.

When I left the US I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to do it in fashion. Not in a “Gucci, Versace, Prada” label obsessed kind of way but in a “style and glamour” is my life kind of way. And, I wanted to live in a city where style was an expectation. And so, I moved to Milan.

I came chasing my perfect existence, and doing it in as much style as possible. But (haha) upon moving to Milan I learned that I had a lot to learn about style, turns out it’s a deeper subject than the latest runway season. So I started meeting with people; coffee with designers, press offices, photographers, stylists, make up artists, runway producers – anyone who could tell me or show me anything about the history of fashion. I worked as a street style photographer, a stylist assistant, I changed models clothes at runway shows during Milan Fashion Week, I wrote articles for British magazines and eventually I became the Editor-In-Chief for a start-up magazine based out of London. But, being someone else’s editor wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted my own place to share my discoveries – most importantly the designers who are AMAZING but unknown. So I started The Fashion Plate. (Tada!!)

And my stylish life continues.

Me, in Paris taken outside of the Isabel Marant fashion show | Photo: Tommy Ton

The hardest thing about living my stylish life is explaining why I don’t want anyone else’s traditional life. And believe it or not, my stylish life and the expectation that I live a more appropriate lifestyle are very connected- my family being the main reason. So for the past four years I’ve tried to uncover where those two things begin, where my life and their expectations connect and where they must be separate.

I believe women today, in our time period, go through this. This fight to be ourselves while trying to live within the expectations of others. The hard part is, these aren’t bad people. They are people who love us and just want us to be happy. People, who cannot understand why we fight, are miserable and sometimes fail at a life that they don’t believe was ever possible for us to be successful in to begin with. For them it’s like, why can’t you see the truth?? (Duh!)

The truth, though, is an instinct, a feeling. And my instinct tells me I’m more alive now than I was with my 6 figure salary, fabulous wardrobe (I had 2 – one for my real life and one for my fantasy life), shoe collection and fiancé (obviously, I had to end the engagement when I moved to Italy).

People call me courageous which really pisses me off because I’m just living my life the way I’m supposed to. But that’s what The Fashion Plate is all about, having the courage to live your life the way you were supposed to.


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