A Fashion Plate has always been a person dressed in the latest and most popular designs. But we’ve re-imagined The Fashion Plate as socially conscious individuals in need of a stylish & contemporary lifestyle guide for a sustainable future.

Why the Change?

The more we learn about the damage over-consumption has on the environment and on global society the more overwhelming it becomes. And we know the key to quell the effects is to change how we produce and how we consume.

For most people “sustainable living” is a good idea, but it is also a very broad concept that is confusing. Part of the confusion is because this is very new and we now know sustainability is about more than natural versus synthetic products.

At The Fashion Plate we work in teams researching what sustainability is and which brands use sustainable practices and materials. So we understand why it is all so overwhelming.

We’ve narrowed our field of vision to five forms of sustainability:

  • Eco: Clean & green through all phases of a products life cycle.
  • Ethical: Fair & cruelty free including eco-friendly materials, artisanal craftsmanship, and locally produced.
  • Bespoke: On-demand and custom made: Made-to-order.
  • Slow: High quality materials, artisanal production and timeless.
  • Upcycle: Repair, repurpose, redesign, recycle, reuse.

A Sustainable Revolution.

Luckily there are great sustainability house & home product websites, fashion e-commerce sites and educational web-institutions including Fashion Revolution, an ethical news source supported by the United Nations dedicated to creating a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.

But there isn’t a stylish city guide out there with local, sustainable businesses especially in heavily populated cities or fashion capitols like Milan, New York, London and Paris.

This is where The Fashion Plate magazine comes in. Our goal is to encourage businesses ready to make the switch and incorporate sustainable business models, celebrate new and emerging designers that are already sustainability leaders, and most importantly talk about something other than shopping.

Our City Guides are food, fashion, design and living guides in the world’s fashion capitals with a focus on sustainable products as well as fun, non-consuming lifestyle options.

A Sustainable Alternative.

People might not agree with me but I believe sustainability will take time especially for big brands that need to make large-scale philosophical, operating and supplier model changes. And I also know socially conscious individuals that want to be fashionable and stylish and are still just as influenced by top brands as everyone else.

Both reasons are why I believe at this time you should have a choice between top brands and sustainable fashion designers, because I don’t believe you should have to forfeit style while businesses figure this out. But if you do decide to shop sustainably The Fashion Plate will recommend planet and societal healthy alternatives, quality products you’ll wear longer than a few times, that you’ll want to keep rather than discard.

The Best Spending Habit.

Finally I want to show you another spending option – besides shopping – it’s spending quality time on yourself. Sustainability isn’t just about responsible production standards it’s also about slowing down our consumer spending and finding new ways to enjoy life. The Fashion Plate will show you there are so many other things you can spend time doing rather than shop.

What’s most important is to remember the choice is yours, you are the leader you’ve been waiting for.

Nichelle Cole
The Fashion Plate
The Fashion Plate editor and chief Nichelle Cole.

Created in 2015 by style influencer and noted fashion journalist Nichelle Cole, The Fashion Plate is an ethical fashion magazine delving into the future of sustainable fashion, design and living.

We publish reviews, interviews, stories and a fashionable city guide focused on sustainable living for the socially conscious individual with style.

Choose Well, Live Well


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