8 Outdoor Installations At Milan Design Week Not To Be Missed.

Because design is open to everyone here are 8 outdoor installations that you should not miss during Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone 2019. The installations will be on show from April 9th through the 14th.

Location: Orto Botanico di Brera (Brera Botanical Gardens)

Interni Magazine presents Human Spaces, an upcycle design installation by Studio Carlo Ratti Associati in collaboration with Eni. Brera’s Botanical Garden’s natural charm is redesigned with a circular economy theme through the use of recycling and reuse of raw materials.

Location: Piazza XXV Aprile

Timberland partners with Studio Giò Forma to create a 20 foot tall installation in Milan’s Piazza XXV Aprile. RoBOTL is a sustainability superhero here to reminds us how important it is to safeguard the environment in which we live.

Location: Piazza Duomo

Legendary Italian designer Gaetano Pesce honors the city with one of his most iconic designs, an inflatable chair famous for its voluptuous female form and it’s political message. The curvy armchair has a ball and chain footrest attached to the “leg” symbolizing the oppression inflicted upon womanhood in a patriarchal society. The 50 year old chair is redesigned as a 20 foot tall installation called Maestà Soffrente and it sits in front of Milan’s historic Duomo Cathedral. The 400 arrows piercing the “skin” represent the average number of domestic violence abuses Italian women suffer daily.

Gaetano Pesce’s Maestà Soffrente (photo: courtesy Gaetano Pesce Studio)

Location: Piazza XXV April

Eataly collaborates with architect Davide Fabio Colaci, landscape architect Dario Valenti, and Milan’s Politecnico University students to design a safe haven for bees. Right in front of Eataly’s massive flagship store is a small scale meadow installation called Pratofiorito designed to show the type of biodiverse environment bees require for safeguarding. 

Eataly’s “Pratofiorito” installation is a habitat display for safeguarding Bees.

Location: Piazza XXV April

DesignByGemini is the hot new creative studio specializing in design communications. They are most known for their interactive displays and social media ready pop-ups. For Milan Design Week DesignByGemini presents The Pool Club, a tropical design installation inspired by Miami and 90s pop culture.

Design & Communication studio DesignByGemini installs a Miami inspired pop up for social media engagement.

Location: Piazza XXV April

Step inside an enclosed installation and take in the beauty of Italy’s territorial heritage watching the film The Stone from the Sea. The visual arts installation by Lorenzo Longo is a poetic look at Italy’s popular limestone, the excessive and unsustainable procurement of the precious material and concerns regarding coastal erosion.

The Stone of the Sea is an enclosed installation featuring a film about preserving Italy’s beautiful natural territories.

Location: Castelli Daziari di Porta Venezi

A Friend is a massive, large-scale installation using the Porta Venezia towers as a base structure. The arresting installation is presented by fashion maison Trussardi in collaboration with Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama. For centuries the Porta Venezia towers have been known as Milan’s gateway marking the border that separates the urban fabric of the city from the countryside. The classic towers have been covered in recycled fabric creating a breathtaking new aesthetic for the medieval architecture.

Location: Via Tortona 27

Unreal but real by Flavio Lucchini is an insane, large-scale, augmented reality installation in via Tortona, Milan’s fashion and design district. And get this, you can only see it on your smart phone.

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