More Than Ordinary: The Underwear Design For Every Body Type.

Review by QC Humphrey

Japanese brand TOOT presented its F/W 2019 collection on Sunday afternoon. The wall to wall display featured male models in an innovative and stylish new brief inherently designed to favor every body type.

The Fashion Plate
TOOT Fall/ Winter 2019-20 (photo: TOOT)

Let’s be honest, there hasn’t a major update to men’s underwear in years especially in the way of comfort, construction, or look. TOOT changes that. The dynamic underwear presentation featured a variety of models in different styles and designs. The purpose was to highlight the importance of fit & function and to reinforce the idea that TOOT designs underwear for every body type.

The Fashion Plate

Toot recommends you select underwear based on the size of your hip rather than your waist. Because the measure around your hip determines how comfortably the underwear will fit. 

This is a new approach and it is something men should consider when buying underwear. Your hip is what secures underwear along your body, if the fit is correct it should sit comfortably below your waist. This is true even if you sport a bit of a stomach.

Creative director Idea Shinagawa searched for technical artisans to create the advanced stitch detail. And he produced designs in natural fabrics like cotton and silk.

The brand’s elaborate and diverse display served its purpose to highlight undergarments as the most important garment. This will be taken seriously especially by the sophisticated man who wants more than an ordinary design.

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