Insecure Takes A Sharp Turn From “Know Better, Do Better” Credo.

Warning: This article is full of spoilers.

The Fashion Plate
Insecure HBO by Issa Rae

Insecure’s episode “High-Like” finds our four favorite ladies taking a road trip to see Beyonce. That’s right, the ladies of insecure descend on Coachella and they plan to do it RIGHT! They splurge on a luxurious house and purchase a two day Coachella pass (and that is not cheap). But this isn’t just a Bey-hive weekend, the girls are going to Coachella to celebrate Tiffany, the 8 month’s pregnant mom-to-be, and turn up one last time before Tiffany gives birth.

The Fashion Plate
Insecure HBO by Issa Rae

We should have known things would not go quite as planned when Molly isn’t able to make the road trip because she volunteers to take on a last minute brief at her law office. She initially decides to skip the trip all together but Issa convinces her to meet them there. This means the original schedule is changed. Instead of heading straight to Coachella they stop and settle into the house to wait for Molly to arrive. The problem is Kellie has taken an edible and begun to trip out. She soon falls asleep.

And Tiffany is living for two, and after settling in the house she too falls asleep. By the time Molly arrives she finds all three of her crew passed out and decides to take the time to finish her work brief.

And that is day one of their Coachella trip.

The next day Issa is determined to get things back on schedule which means heading straight to Coachella to secure a coveted spot to watch Beyonce. The girls are dressed and ready to go when Issa receives a text message from Nathan.

It is important to note that at the beginning of the episode Issa thought about messaging Nathan whom she hadn’t heard from since their SSB (sexy swimming behavior), but she decides against it.

The Fashion Plate
Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) on Insecure HBO.

Fast forward to the girls trip, Issa is unable to resist Nathan’s text message suggesting they meet at a pool party. Issa convinces her girls this is a trip worth rerouting for and the ladies take a detour.

The Fashion Plate
Insecure HBO by Issa Rae

At first blush, this is a great idea. When the four women arrive Nathan also has some very cute friends with him and the party at the pool is POPPIN. As everyone starts to get to know each other we discover one of Nathan’s friends is packing a medicine cabinet worth of party drugs. After a friend check, everyone is in (except Lauren), what follows is a binge fest that would make anyone cringe. They are at Coachella but it isn’t long before the girls are tripping out and they become separated.

Issa and Nathan wander onto a Ferris wheel where they make love for the first time, Kelly and the medicine man wander off to find her a snack, Molly begins to trip after having one too many molly gummy bears and Tiffany, the only sober one, is left to guard their coveted place for Bey’s performance.

Things deteriorate further as the drugs really set in. Kellie returns to find they’ve lost their place in the crowd and instigates a fight with the new arrivals. This causes security to come and Molly, Tiffany and Kellie are all escorted out of the park – right as Beyonce begins to perform. Kellie tries to make a run for it and is tazzed by security at which point she loses control of her bladder and wets herself as she lays face down in the dirt.

When the girls manage to get back to the house, Issa arrives shortly after ashamed and worried her friends are angry with her. She is also angry with herself feeling responsible for how things have turned out after derailing their plans and then absconding off with Nathan.

But I get it, Nathan and Issa have a lot of chemistry between them and when they are together it is good.

Issa and Nathan on the set of Insecure HBO

But, Nathan is quick to ghost Issa and that has been a red flag since their very first meeting. Too, Issa is less confident around Nathan and she becomes more selfish and less responsible.

The next morning the girls laugh off the previous night’s escapades. Issa and Tiffany take a drive to the local market and have a heart to heart talk in the car. Lauren opens up to Issa that she is afraid she’s losing touch with her friends. And I have a feeling this will become a real issue on the show. Issa does her best to comfort her before heading inside the supermarket – where she runs into Lawrence.

The first time seeing an ex can bring up a lot of different emotions. And that is how the scene between Issa and Lawrence plays out. They don’t say much to one another but you could easily imagine all of the things they are thinking and feeling in those moments.

I’m not #teamlawrence but I do believe his return is a good thing. I think Issa needs to remember what real love feels like, what true intimacy, sharing and caring feels like.

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