Nike Isn’t The ONLY Place To Purchase Colin Kaepernick Merchandise. He Just Endorsed The BEST Place.

“If Batman mass produced his cape I’d be the first one in line.”

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is officially a house hold name thanks in large part to his taking a stand and kneeling in peaceful protest against police brutality in America.

Colin Kaepernick, left, kneeling alongside a San Francisco 49ers teammate, safety Eric Reid, during the national anthem in October 2016.Credit Credit Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

As you know, this one simple action caused an uproar. Colin Kaepernick lost his career and is currently in court in an uphill battle, against the entire N.F.L., with the onus on Kaepernick to prove the league colluded against him after he refused to stand during the National Anthem.

colin cvr

From the outside it looks like a losing battle. The world perceives Kaepernick as holding a slingshot against a Goliath 747, or they did until sports wear brand Nike boldly stood alongside Kaepernick and turned that slingshot into an adamantium shield.

VOTE in the November 2018 mid-terms.

-The Fashion Plate

This is the first time a major corporation has stepped outside their bipartisan bubble and joined the human rights conversation. And although this is a great step in the right direction for Nike, Colin Kaepernick’s purpose is much bigger than a slogan anniversary party.

The Fashion Plate
Colin Kaepernick and the “Know Your Rights Camp” organiztion.

In fact, Colin Kaepernick’s new endorsement is SO MUCH more important. This morning, Kaepernick announced he will reproduce his infamous jersey to help fund a youth oriented program called Know Your Rights, a boot camp that helps build a stronger generation of people that will create the change that is much needed in this world.

Honestly, if Batman mass produced his cape, I’d be the FIRST ONE in line.

The Fashion Plate
The Kapernick jersey.

And the cool thing is, this jersey is now available for PRE-SALE, and 20% of all proceeds go to Your Rights Camp.

Knowing the money spent will do good is literally like becoming a super hero the moment you put that jersey on. OMG!

Are you ready to become a superhero? Click here .

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