Why Issa Finally Quits Her Job At “We Got Y’all” On Insecure.

The ‘White Savior’ Complex Got Old.

Issa Rae on Insecure HBO

The first time I knew Issa needed to quit We Got Y’all was season 3 episode 1. It is hard to dismiss the only person of color, in an organization focused on people of color, relegated to desk duty by a white person, the DIRECTOR AND FOUNDER, who’s unwilling to address the racial issues they’ve built into the program.

The director’s behavior reminds me of Instagram posts by white people who travel to Africa, bypassing thousands of American white people in need, to “empower” Africans to live a better life and be a better person.


In the latest episode, season 3 episode 4, you can feel Issa’s white coworkers expectation of subservience and validation from her. An example is when Issa takes initiative to understand why the program is losing client support. When Issa presents her findings to the executive director she lashes out, blaming Issa as being part of the problem. It’s excruciating to watch and you realize it lends to Issa’s character’s insecurities and her awkwardness at work.

The Fashion Plate
Insecure season 3, episode 3

But what makes Issa realize she needs to quit WGY is a jaunt down memory lane. Issa blows off her work responsibilities to share her favorite LA locations with Nathan (Kendrick Sampson), a sexy and mysterious new character introduced this season.

Issa and Nathan, Insecure season 3, episode 4

I’m not #teamNathan but even I must admit Nathan is good for Issa right now. He coaxes her to share her thoughts and feelings with him. Issa tells him about her idea for a community project to build goodwill and support black neighborhoods. In the scene Nathan is genuinely supportive and he acts as a spring board.

issa and kendrick
Issa and Nathan, Insecure season 3, episode 4

With Nathan’s help Issa realizes her true passion, and that she needs to quit that shit job.

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