Trend: Amandla Stenberg’s Smoky Blue Eyeshadow.

Amandla Stenberg arrived on the red carpet to premiere The Darkest Mind’s, her latest action film, in a golden Mulberry pajama set and an unexpected smoky eye, shaded in cobalt blue. Surprisingly the monochromatic atheleisure look didn’t mute her glamour quotient one bit.  The tone-on-tone approach was even infusing her makeup look with creatively—namely her perfectly calibrated eyeshadow shades.

Amandla Stenberg. Beauty by Kali Kennedy.

The brilliantly hued eyeshade transmuted a femme fatale vibe while the Mulberry suiting created something softer and more romantic.

Amandla Stenberg in Mulberry. Beauty by Kali Kennedy.

To further the feel, sleek, wet, textured hair half-up struck a cool-girl chord, all while keeping things elevated.

Amandla Stenberg. Hair by Vernon Francois.

Beauty tricks that play equally well with post-yoga clothes as red carpet gowns? That’s sly. Sly like a fox.

Amandla Stenberg styled by Jason Bolden for The Darkest Minds premiere in Los Angeles.

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