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19 Best Non-Fiction Podcasts According To ‘Grown-ish’ Star, Yara Shahidi.

Podcasts are the most useful and entertaining shows, they are perfect for long car journeys and for marathon training season, but with so many options it is hard to decide what to listen to.

Grown-ish TV star Yara Shahidi has done the work for us. The Harvard freshman, activist and philanthropist is an avid podcast listener, we suspect it is because she travels a lot. In addition to work and school, she runs a volunteer and service mentorship program called Yara’s Club and she is a spokesperson for Eighteen × ‘18, an organization dedicated to increasing Youth voter turnout.

Yara Shahidi and Michelle Obama at the “A Brighter Future: A Global Conversation on Girls’ Education” event. (Getty Images, 2018)

On Instagram, the actress posted an entertaining yet educational podcast recommendations list. Shahidi’s podcast selection is both revolutionary and progressive, from Dissect – Frank Ocean (so much to unpack in this one) to Code Switch (forward thinking discussion on culture and linguistics) these 19 podcasts are some of the best out there.

Podcast recommendations shared by Grown-ish actress Yara Shahidi on Instagram.

What podcasts are you listening to? Drop a comment in the section below.

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