A Blond Rihanna.

Rihanna never has a bad hair day. As the ‘Queen of the Lace Front’ Rihanna not only uses wigs as a protective hair style she also likes to wear them to play with hair lengths, styles and even color.

The stunning diva is NOT afraid to change it up. She’s been a red head and she’s been blond, more than a few times!

Blonde Rihanna (2016)
Blonde Rihanna (2012)
Blonde Rihanna (2010)

Speaking of playtime, the Fenty beauty mogul has decided to go blond, again.

Today on her Instagram stories Rihanna posted a picture of herself, inside what appears to be a private plane, chillin, with killer nails, killer eye wear and long blond tresses.

Blonde Rihanna (2018)

Do you notice anything suspicious about the photo? Take a close look! The lace front wig is not completely applied. And check out the caption!

Classic! It’s great to see Rihanna having fun with her beauty and not taking it all so seriously!

All jokes aside, we love the look. It’s very femme fatal.

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