Beyonce & Jay-Z Release ‘Everything Is Love’ And Social Media Is Shook.

Beyonce and Jay Z dropped a bomb in the shape of adult, contemporary Hip Hop music and social media was not ready. We too are still absorbing the shock from the release of the nine track album Jay-Z and Beyonce unexpectedly dropped on us this Saturday afternoon.

The album has it all, flow, visuals, lyrics and a love letter to black women from Jay Z, “to all the good girls that love hustlas, to the mothers that put up with us, to all the babies that suffer cause us, we only know love because of ya… black queen, you rescued us.” 

On twitter, fans are shook. They are posting quotes from the new album and some are furiously trying to learn the lyrics.

There are memes out there for those of you who do not have a Tidal membership. And requests to leak the album as soon as possible.

For those of you who are down with Tidal stream now. Also stream a TIDAL-exclusive track.

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