Tidal Live Streams Miguel’s ‘War & Leisure’ Concert In New York. Is That A Membership Perk?

R&B star Miguel is basking in the spotlight on his “War & Leisure” tour with singer Nonchalant Savant and SiR after they hit New York City last night and the show was streamed live on Tidal.  He not only had thousands of fans screaming his name in New York, he had thousands more watching through Tidal on the web.


If you weren’t at the concert in person or if you are not a member of Tidal you missed a truly stellar show. As a member of Tidal myself I didn’t realize I could see the show (TBH the Tidal page is not easy to navigate and it is not intuitive) until I read the announcement for the live stream option on Instagram.

Typically, I live my music fantasies vicariously through my friends or through influencers in other countries who live stream snippets on their phones, btw thank you Elaine Welteroth for the Justin Timberlake concert, it isn’t always the clearest view or the closest and often times the phone shakes from a lot of dancing (seriously people stand still) but I get to see the concert.  When I watched Tidal’s live stream of the Miguel concert I was blown away, it was like sitting on the stage- it’s clear as day and the sound quality is crazy.


I checked out other music websites to see if they offer something similar and they don’t, Spotify premium membership boils down to music without ads and iTunes is basically a huge jukebox (I do love hitting shuffle on an iTunes playlist tho).

Out of curiosity I decided to tool around the Tidal system and I found previous concert broadcasts including Nipsey Hussle, YG, and Cardi B. That is a nice list, right? If you’re interested to see how the entertainment site works, try Tidal’s trail subscription, it’s free.

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