Listen To N*E*R*D and Rihanna’s New “Lemon” Remix Featuring Drake.

Pharrell releases a remix of his hit single Lemon with Champagne Poppy, better known as Drake. In the original track featuring Rihanna, Pharrell mixes bars about deportation and gun rights, he raps about the subjects as casually as others rap about supercars and ripping beats. Rihanna also displays her impressive rap skills.

A few days ago Pharrell announced the new remix with Drake saying, he had “something special” up his sleeve, and he didn’t disappoint.

Drake’s Remix:

“I get it how I live it / I live it how I get / Y’all don’t really get it​ / I pull up in a lemon / Blocks get to spendin’ / Money 3D printin’ / Never had a limit / Never been religious / I just always had opinions, My daddy told me ‘listen you better get some money and not die and go to prison / So you see / Yeah, I got rich and stayed free / Free the dawgs doin’ B.I.Ds.”

Listen to the new Lemon remix featuring Drake:

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