Don’t Miss Tessa Thompson And Whoopi Goldberg’s Film ‘Furlough’.

Still from the film Furlough starring Tessa Thompson (Left) and Melissa Leo (right).

Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok and Sorry To Bother You) and Whoopi Goldberg’s new comedy drama Furlough is the human story we’ve been waiting to see. In the United States we are FINALLY having conversations about the overuse of jail and its growing impact on the children, families, and communities outside its bars, the people who must manage the financial, economic, and emotional effects.

Furlough follows a corrections officer played by Tessa Thompson who is assigned to escort an inmate (Melissa Leo) to visit her ailing mother over the weekend. Tessa’s character becomes emotionally involved in her charge’s story and decides to help her mend fences with everyone in her family most effected by her imprisonment. Whoopi Goldberg is in the film as her mother, other stars include Anna Paquin, Edgar Ramirez, and La La Anthony.

Furlough is in theaters now.

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