‘Insecure’ Screenwriter Issa Rae Was Up To Something At The Veuve Clicquot Fourth Annual Clicquot Carnival.

20180311_180019000_iOS (1)
Eiza Gonzalez (right), Tessa Thompson (center, left), Issa Rae (center, right), Joan Smalls (right) at the Veuve Clicquot Fourth Annual Clicquot Carnival in Los Angeles.

Issa Rae isn’t just working on scripts for the highly anticipated 3rd season of Insecure as well as the scripts and production for her new series Sweet Life, a ground breaking comedy-drama about a bi-sexual black man on the Los Angeles dating scene, Issa Rae is also attending and accepting awards at the ABFFHonors and filming endorsement commercials for everyone from #HereWeAre to Samsung.

Right now Issa Rae is all about making money moves which is why we were surprised to spot the screenwriter last Saturday at the Veuve Clicquot Fourth Annual Clicquot Carnival in Los Angeles. She looked super chill in a low-key glam jumpsuit and classic gold hoop earrings, the look said I came to party.

But we know Issa Rae and she wasn’t partying, because when Issa Rae parties it’s a whole different game.


So what was she really doing there? We’d guess she was power networking. Because otherwise we are being asked to believe that Issa Rae managed to find time in her crazy schedule between #asip conversations with Sean Puffy Combs and Black Panther‘s Michael B. Jordan to slip into that super cute jumpsuit and attend the Veuve Clicquot Fourth Annual Clicquot Carnival FOR FUN. Really Issa?

We’re on to you.

And look at the company she keeps. Issa Rae was seen with screen stars Tessa Thompson of Thor Ragnarok and Sorry To Bother You , Eiza Gonzalez of Baby Driver and super model Joan Smalls. It makes us think Issa Rae is up to something big! A comedy film between these actresses perhaps? That would be lit!

You heard it here first.

FYI:  Issa is wearing a Loft romper, Tessa is wearing Fendi and Eiza is wearing Prabal Gurung and a Eugenia Kim hat.

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