Peet Dullaert: A New Way Of Being.

Peet Dullaert has a way of taking everyday basics and making them appear extraordinary when worn. I believe this is due to the graceful drape of the fabric along the body. Every skirt, turtleneck, jacket and dress has a natural, organic way of settling.  The secret is in the pleating with the combination of construction and material that makes the designs so easy to wear.

Peet’s aesthetic is driven by his fascination of coral reefs and various water forms. His pieces are fluid, everything moves in a soft, easy motion. One cannot help but assume a position of calm when wearing Peet Dullaert. His designs sort of encourage you to feel at peace.

2-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs3-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs4-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs5-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs6-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs 27-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs8-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs9-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs10-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs 212-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs13-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs 214-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs 215-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs 216-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs17-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs18-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs copy19-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs20-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs21-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs1-Peet_Dullaert_FW17- Photo_Robbert_Jacobs

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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