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Lady Gaga’s Best Unicorn Hair Color Transformation At The Close Of The ‘Joanne’ World Tour.

Sculpted power brows and a thick smudge of kohl for a Ziggy Stardust-worthy moment.

Lady Gaga has never been one to play it safe when it comes to aesthetics. In fact, it’s possible she’s as well known for her daring fashion ensembles as she is for her music. There is, of course, the meat dress, followed by that time she made fashion waves when she wore head to shoe Alexander McQueen in her visually stunning Bad Romance video. But for her 2017 ‘Joanne’ World Tour Lady Gaga switched it up again this time the icon songstress experimented with her beauty game.

This picture taken from one of the last performances on the ‘Joanne’ tour in Inglewood, CA Lady Gaga performed with gleefully dyed extensions that radiated glam rock vibes.

Lady Gaga unicorn hair while performing December 21st at The Forum in Englewood, CA. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images for Live Nation)

It wasn’t just her hair that made this look, the sculpted power brows, a thick smudge of kohl and the fully lined pink pout laid the groundwork for what was a truly spectacular Ziggy Stardust-worthy moment.

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