Channel 4’s Jay-Z vs Kanye Documentary Is All About Their Wives, Their Wealth & Their Status.

The trailer of the new documentary Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs Kanye West airing on David Abraham’s U.K. Channel 4 on the surface uncovers strife between two iconic musicians. But the height of the trailer’s beef between them at most rehashes history long since documented and aired; and so begs the question “what’s the point of the documentary now?”.

Aside from drumming up talk for Jay-Z’s newly released 4:44 album the documentary appears to be a comparison of whose life is better.

Within 10 seconds of the trailer both Kim Kardashian and Beyonce appear in all their glory. And as you know these two are the leading ladies (mega-moguls in their own right) standing before Kanye West and Jay-Z adding significantly to both musicians overall cultural and financial net value.

Jay-Z’s Tidal, a music streaming service, purchased at 200 million dollars in 2015 is worth $600 million (Forbes 2017).

Jay-Z’s wealth, listed by Forbes at 800 Million dollars (placing Jay on track to become the first billionaire rapper), when combined with his wife Beyonce’s wealth is well over a billion dollars. And we needn’t state the cultural clout that comes with being married to one of the world’s most beloved, female icons.


In the documentary this is compared to the life and status of Kanye West. The trailer hints heavily that Jay-Z has a stronger stand in the music and business industry thanks to his “business clout”.  But, the trailer argues that Kayne’s investment in the artistic movements in music and fashion could very well ensure he will be remembered more as one of the most influential artists of all time.

Kanye West fall 2017 Collection at New York fashion week

Side note: The documentary should account for Kanye’s marriage to Kim Kardashian, whose a definitive cultural icon with formidable resilience in the media, and their united identity as zeitgeist influencers. Kim, in addition to having one of the most addicting shows on television has her hand in fashion retail & eCommerce, beauty books as well as a very profitable Instagram account. The attention-getting antics of the popular socialite has a net worth of over 45 million dollars (Forbes 2017).

Kim Kardashian holds her New York Times best selling book, “Selfie” (2016).

The documentary trailer hints at comparisons of overall contribution by Jay-Z vs Kanye West but overall dramatizes their history and takes score of their lifestyle choices. It’s tempting to watch. Does it need to be called “Public Enemies”? Probably not, either way it could be an interesting view into the lives of two of America’s most iconic couples.


Penned by: Nichelle Cole

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