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Coliac Shoe Designer Talks The Art of Piercings & Being Superstitious

I don't want to only be known as a brand of shoes.

In 2009 Martina Grasselli started Coliac, an innovative line of jewel embellished footwear. The company, named after her grandmother’s french noble surname, was a major hit from the start.

Coliac‘s fresh design take on footwear (made in leather and faux leather materials) features applique in shapes resembling body piercings. Everyone from The Blonde Salad to Vogue Italia has collaborated with the emerging designer including Carla Sozzani, sister of the late Franca Sozzani -renowed Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Italia- who stocks Coliac shoes in the famed Corso Como 10 location in Milan’s most coveted shopping district.

To get inside the mind of this edgy designer we grabbed 5 minutes to ask about the new collection, the new inspiration and rumors of a ready-to-wear line!

What is the color story behind the Fall 2017 collection?

The Coliac colors vary with black and yellow being the primary colors, but green, cyclamen, grey, navy blue, and burgundy feature in the collection as well. And then we always play with metallic looks in gold, silver and ruthenium.

This also extends to our new ready-to-wear line. I don’t want to be known only as a brand of shoes. Many people have wanted us to offer a line and now we’ve started the expansion with a capsule collection.

Sneak Peek: Coliac‘s new ready-to-wear line features signature piercings on trousers, jackets and the new line of purses

Which piece this season pushed the envelope in innovation and design?

I think the collection itself is an innovative theme. The cylinder disc most often used to stretch the earlobe was my inspiration and the design element for different models of shoes.

What’s on your nightstand? (What do you read, eat, drink or do before bed?)

On my night table there are horoscope books and novels, my mobile phone and a ‘good luck charm’ water that I bought in Bali which I spray every night like a superstitious rite.

Coliac Fall/ Winter 2017-18 Collection:

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