Fashion Week

Anteprima’s ‘Alpha Female’ Collection For SS17

Penned by Roman Kozak

This time Anteprima rocked Milan women’s fashion week literally! The slogan around the runway fairly shouted “Against fragility” – which was the theme of this season’s collection. The designer was inspired by Teddy Girls in the post-war London of 1950s.

The music sounded during the show like a bomb and skinny models walked with harsh and long strides along the catwalk.

The spring/summer 2017 season was emphasized by fresh trends – good old stripes, polka dots and floral prints. Anteprima gave the impression of relaxed volumes and light cloths last season, but this time it was emphasized more by the light Jasmine colors.

A sporty knitwear contrasted with elegant dresses. That’s how the designer showed the battle between strength and fragility inside women. Who would win this battle? It doesn’t matter. The main thing is that Anteprima has shown a collection created for women who can fight, even inside themselves.

Anteprima ss2017 collection is for the alpha female!anteprima-spring-2017-collection-milan-fashion-week-mfw-ss17-designer-spring-2017-collection-milan-fashion-week-mfw-ss1703-e1474559245789anteprima-spring-2017-collection-milan-fashion-week-mfw-ss17-designer-spring-2017-collection-milan-fashion-week-mfw-ss1736-e1474560416293

Anteprima RTW Spring 2017
Anteprima RTW Spring 2017


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