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John Richmond: Urban-rock collection for SS17

By: Riccardo Pianezzola

Against the backdrop of a romantic Milanese summer Richmond unveiled his urban-rock SS17 menswear collection, a reflection of sartorial accuracy and finished details popular in men’s clothing today. Richmond seamlessly brought the urban flair of casual chic and sport functionality together in one outfit.

The show opened with shockingly colorful printed pants paired with sleeveless hoodie vests. This was in contrast with other outfits matched with slim fitting leather jackets and casual shirts styled with printed sneakers.

In further contrast with the preceding looks, Richmond showcased black and blue toned tailored pieces together with elegantly woven vernice shoes.

The conclusion of this incredible show came in the form of a payed homage to sex and gothic taste, with black and purple nudes themed in gillets and casual-chic jackets with skeleton printed sleeves.

This was a collection for an elegant young man who doesn’t want to pass by unnoticed through the streets. So Richmond, let’s rock this city!

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