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Live, the new Boggi

Boggi Milano presents its Spring Summer 2016 collection. The company with Italian traditional style shows something new and fresh! The collection has a new breath, young lines and colors, and represents a modern man of nowadays with the expression of the emotional needs of every individual: care of himself, importance of relationships with others and desire to make special every moment.

Choosing different places and locations in the new video, creative director tells us not just a story but the new man lifestyle. Dynamic, fresh and confident – these are the new friends of the modern men. This new Boggi collection is created for men in movement. Comfortable, classic and extraordinary suits emphasize busy men but with success in their hands and desire in their hearts. I like how the representation of the new collection is made because it’s my style – to feel the rhythm of a big city, to meet my friends and find some inspiration, and at the evening – to wait my love under the city lights with a cocktail in my hand… Smiles on faces and light colored pieces – Boggi gives us clothes not just for weekdays but for holidays too. Yes, traveling, art and food – the new way for the Boggi man to relax – Bella Italia! Dolce Vita!

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