Stella McCartney Designs The 2016 Olympic Team Uniforms.

famed British designer Stella McCartney will reprise her role from 2012 as creative director designing the official uniforms for the Great Britain Olympics team. Adidas, official sportswear provider for Team GB and the Paralympics GB, appointed Stella McCartney as Creative Director to oversee the development of every aspect of the national team’s performance kit – the first time a fashion designer has designed for a country’s team across all competitions for both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games.

McCartney is expected to involve close friends Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss in the unveiling, which is estimated to take place in April.

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  1. […] “Season after season we push ourselves to create pieces that feel and look great. Over time women have become more and more focused on their fitness goals and are spending more time in workout clothes. This makes it even more important to provide function and style which challenges us to be continuously innovative in our approach.” says Stella McCartney. […]

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